Sunday, August 26, 2012

Media from the OMWC

We will be posting links to all media (photos, livestreams, videos) over the next few days from the OMWC, including streams/video of workshops or teach-ins that people were unable to make.  Stay tuned for updates

Friday, August 24, 2012

Livestream channels to follow the #OMWC

Here is a list of channels to follow the #OMWC.

The 5900 Activist Center is the convergence space for the conference where a diverse schedule of workshops, teach ins, and activities will be taking place.  The West Chicago Camp is more focused around community building, house renovation, anti-eviction strategies, and communal living.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Complete Program for the Conference

This link lists the complete and comprehensive program for the conference including schedules for both camps, workshop descriptions, multiple maps, and all the info you need for the conference.

Here we go!

We are underway for the Occupy The Midwest Conference in Detroit with occupiers from Michigan, Chicago, Minneapolis, Ohio, already signed up with more on their way.  Follow us on facebook and twitter for updates and photos throughout the day

Facebook page:

Twitter handle: @occupythemidwes

Complete Workshop Descriptions

Workshop Descriptions.

“Left and Right Wing Populism” - Bryan McCann
Populism describes political strategies that proclaim support for “the people” against “elites.” Historically, it has taken on a number of forms and is routinely used by the left and the right. This panel takes stock in this effective, if potentially dangerous, brand of politics by exploring its nature, uses across the political spectrum, and its relevance for the 99%"

“Health and Safety for Activists” - Kat Donnelly
What can you do before, during and after an action to stay healthy?
Get your questions answered!  Learn about health issues faced during
demonstrations and Occupy encampments and ways to keep yourself and
others emotionally and physically well.

“Neighborhoods of Resistance: A Discussion Panel on the Struggle Against Evictions” - Moderator: Joe Mcguire
Join our discussion as we figure out what we've learned from our experiences in fighting foreclosures and where we should go from here. Hear from people who have fought eviction and won, as well as those who are still struggling.

“Reform or Revolution?” - David R. (Detroit), Courtney Biernat (St. Louis)
Across the broad spectrum of beliefs, ideologies, and extended communities that comprise Occupy, there are two defining camps that have emerged: those who wish to reform Capitalism, and those who wish to eschew the system altogether. We will be examining the historical question of ‘Reform or Revolution?’. Our goal is to present an information-based workshop incorporating History, Economics, along with current events, in order to facilitate a follow-up discussion. This is an important conversation to be having, as it will direct our focus moving forward and how we plan our actions accordingly.

Banks and the Crisis in Detroit: How the foreclosure crisis created Detroit's fiscal deficit and why a moratorium on on municipal debt service and home foreclosures is needed now.”
Panelists will discuss the role of the banks in the crisis facing the City of Detroit, the role of the taxpayer-owned Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the foreclosure epidemic, and the disproportionate impact of the economic crisis on African Americans.

“Southwest Detroit Walking Tour”  - Dianne Feeley
This short SW Detroit walking tour will discuss the city's industrialization both before and during the rise of the auto industry at the turn of the 20th century. It will focus on the city's 2nd sit down, at Kelsey-Hayes Wheel in December 1936. Less than a week after the employer agreed to recognize the union, GM workers in Flint began their sit down, setting off a wave of sit downs.

“ Long Term Strategy in Occupy.” - David Olo - Occupy Chicago

"Adapting concepts from neuroscience and grassroots DIY projects, A Team of Rivals is going to be putting together a framework that will allow everyone from Occupy to submit, develop, and test ideas to build our long term strategy toward accomplishing various goals"

"Fighting to Win: Drawing Lessons And Conclusions From Occupy's Victories and Defeats"  BAMN
Serious, frank, and critical discussions of the experiences of the Occupy movement. For those not merely satisfied with just merely being on the right side of history, and who reject the notion that movements for progress are guaranteed to lose this workshop is for you!  

“One on ones and building organizations from the bottom up.” - Bradley Ross
The description would be: Learn how to conduct effective one on ones to help bring people into the cause and foster relationships in the community.  Use a 5 step method to get people involved and keep them interested.  Commonly used tools of organizers that have a track record of building well-functioning organizations and good communities.

"Starving for Democracy: The Colombia-GM Hunger Strike and Its Relevance for US Workers"
This panel will examine the ongoing hunger strike of fired GM workers in Bogota, Colombia, that started August 1st. Many of the workers have sewn their mouths shut to demand that GM compensate them for the injuries and illnesses they suffered in the company's Colombia plant. The presentations will also explore the connections between the struggle for workers' rights in Colombia and here in the United States.

“Communist Manifesto and the "Occupy" movement of 1848.” - Chris Ringdal - International Socialist Organization
The Communist Manifesto is the world's second most published book, after only the Bible.
Since it was first written in 1848, the Manifesto has been translated into more languages than any other text.
It has been banned, censored, burned, and declared dead.
In 1848 it was alive.
Chris explains why it still is today.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Where do I go?

Here is the link for the map conference, which is also shown below.  When you first arrive in Detroit you need to go to the convergence space (aka 5900) located at 5900 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48210 to get any info on housing placement, events/schedule, etc.

View Occupy The Midwest: Detroit in a larger map

What to bring to the conference?

If this is your first Occupy The Midwest Conference or you are just unsure what you need to bring with you, go over this checklist to be prepared and ready to go when you get to Detroit.

At the very least you will need a sleeping bag, or large blanket.  Most of the housing locations provided will be outdoors so be prepared to face the elements.  If you could bring a tent or pop up canopy it would be suggested.  There is only a limited number of spots available for indoor housing, so we can't guarantee anyone those spots ahead of time, so they will likely be based on need, not first come first serve.

There will be some meals provided during the conference, but at best it would likely be about a meal a day.  Either bring some food with you for lunch and in between events or a few bucks to grab a bite to eat.  If you have any dietary restrictions contact us at and we will be happy to accommodate you.

There will be water available during the conference but to go along with the theme of the conference "Another World Is Possible", we want to avoid buying cases and cases of bottled water so please bring a water bottle with you.

Many of the activities are taking place in different locations.  We are going to try as much as possible to keep people and one or two locations, but for events that you want to attend at other locations you should bring a little extra money for public transportation.  We are also working on setting up shuttles.

Thinking cap
This conference is completely configured to YOU, the participant.  The world that we build is up to you, the active participant, so have some ideas ready to share, and keep your mind open to others.  We look forward to what we will be able to accomplish together this weekend and we hope you are excited as we are.